we make lunch box(lunchbox) computers case only


product specification

17" 1280x1024 resolution display ,made by AUO
support standard video card ,standard power supply
two 5-1/4 two 3-1/2 drive bay
analog/digital conversion board, realtek chipset
high contrast ratio ,high brightness
wireless keyboard made by logitech (blue tooth )
support two full sized add on card
dimension:17.5"(L) 8.25"(D) 13.3"(H)
weight:15 lbs
nylon made carrying bag with roller wheel

products overview

since 1999, most reliable lunchbox(lunch box) computers,15 lbs,smallest chassis,wireless keyboard,optional touch screen, high quality lunchbox(lunch box) computers case which are also known as lunch box computer that are rugged,upgradeable portable pc ,support standard components.All of our industrial pc lunchbox(lunch box) computers case have been used in the industry to program equipment ,video editing , etc. where other laptop computers would simply fail.kx11 Engineering provide lunchbox computers which can be considered a mobile server support dual processors and multiple drives.

Application Examples

Intel auditing,point mugu weapon monitor,video editing,networking teaching in new horizon computer learning center. nuclear power plant ,etc.

warranty policy

for our components: two years ,parts and labour free

skd case cost:$1550 ,17" touch screen +$300

we think the maximum display size of a lunch box computer is 17",beyond that the chassis is too heavy to handle ,also the drive bay of a lunch box computer can't be too many .we should think practically for the lunchbox computers

kx11 Engineering inc.
807 n. garfield ,unit A
alhambra ca 91801

left side right side lunchbox computer
inside rear optional touch screencarrying bag

we make kx11 rugged lunchbox(lunch box) computer case

our philosophy for lunch box computers

lunchbox(lunch box) computers need to be portable ;you can carry around ,especially can carry onboard the airplane.So the unit must compact and rugged enough ,not too heavy.also ,the portable lunchbox computer must have very stable quality. The display is one of the most important parts ,so we use the AUO panel also the A/D conversion board must have a good phase locked loop to track the analoge signal from the 15 pin connector of the vga card.The lunchbox (lunch box}computers is always on the road ,the service must fast responce , most of time our service is same day repaired

why we sell the lunchbox(lunch box) computer case only;

lunch box computers

lunchbox computers case

the reason we make the portable lunchbox(lunch box) computer case only is we want to concentrate on the lunchbox computers itsself.like chassis, display ,A/D conversion board .and the customer easily can buy the standard parts like motherboard, video card,harddrive and dram online or from nearby dealers.so most of our portable lunchbox computer can same day return the repair. since most lunchbox computers are on the road ;the repair must fast ,prompt